Thursday, April 28, 2011


Even teddy bears are into the hype of Prince William and Kate Middleton Royal Wedding. Here is the proof…

Prince William
This teddy bear is the William Teddy Bear by the Great British Bear Company. Each handmade plush bear, limited to an edition of 5,000, comes with a replica of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring that is a full one and three-quarter inches in diameter.
William the Teddy Bear stands over 12 inches tall and comes dressed in full “Royal Bear Force” regalia. The bear’s peaked cap is decorated with golden die cast Royal Bear Force wings and is made from authentic Air Force blue fabric. His jacket’s brass buttons and press-pleated pockets make the uniform look just like the real thing. Double black and silver arm bands signify William’s rank of Flight Lieutenant. Across the bear’s chest is a Royal blue sash decorated with silver wings. The wings rest just above the Silver Star pinned to William’s jacket, an honor reserved for serving Royalty. According to the Great British Bear Company, it takes nearly 12 hours to make each “William” uniform, and it is the most detailed and authentic costume the company has ever made. The price is £47.94 (Php 3,422. 22) and each bear comes with a numbered commemorative certificate of authentication.

This royal bride bear is absolutely a bear to behold launched by Hermann Spielwaren. She was made from luxurious mohair with excelsior stuffing, she is limited to only 250 pieces worldwide for the price of £249 (Php 17,775).
This lovely bear wears a detailed wedding dress and carries felt flowers in paw with Swarovski crystal flower detail. The bear wears a satin sash embroidered with the bride and grooms name and the wedding date.

Pure. Noble. Elegant. This bear is the Steiff Prince William and Kate Royal Wedding Teddy Bear. Steiff, the inventors of the teddy bear over 100 years ago, have created a very special bear to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.
'Catherine' stands 10.5" (27cm) when standing and has a gorgeous warm and soft light peach colored mohair coat.
Two intertwined hearts decorate one foot and a satin bow features both names of the happy couple! The price £165.00 (Php 11,778.60) for a very limited edition of 1500 pieces.

Catherine and William
This adorable royal bears were creations of Merrythought,
established in 1930 and has been hand-making Teddy Bears for over 80 years in Shropshire. The family-run company is the last remaining British teddy bear factory and is launching its latest limited edition bear to mark the Royal wedding.
The Commemorative Royal Wedding bear is limited to 75 and comes after its popular Prince William and Kate Middleton bears completely sold out. The Prince William and Kate Middleton limited edition Royal wedding teddy bears sit on the window sill at the Merrythought teddy bear factory on in Ironbridge, England.



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