The Hobby

“Hobbies of any kind are boring except to people who have the same hobby.”
Dave Barry



It is always fascinating,
This hobby of bear collecting.
Truly fun and exciting,
The experience is so invigorating...

These Teddy bears I got is for keeps,
From different people who peeps.
I take care of them so dearly,
And they love me back so purely...

Sherbanu Molu

Happiness is a deep feeling,
All the sorrows that are healing,
Makes you feel alright,
Although you recently had a fight,

It helps you to see the happier side of life,
But usually sorrows cut like a knife,
Many things that you felt were rude,
They spoil your happy mood,

Smiling is the first step of happiness,
Laughing is the second step of happiness,
Screaming is the highest step towards happiness,
Frowning is surely not enjoying happiness,

Flying, high above the sky,
Oh my,
This is what happiness is all about,
I’ll tell you later what happiness can bring about...