Sunday, April 24, 2011


the Lord is risen...

He is always with us


so heavenly Easter bunny Bearista
From the garden of Gethsemane
Where Jesus knelt to pray
To the betrayal done by Judas
On that grim and fatal day.

From the mighty hands of Pilate
Who preferred to let Him be
To the noble priests and leaders
Who refused to set Him free.

From the crown of thorns upon His head
And lash marks from a strap
To the weight of such a heavy cross
Strapped there upon His back.

From the thief who hung beside Him
Crying, "Lord, remember me"
To the gentle words of Jesus
"Today, you'll be with me."

Bearista in Easter Bunny costume
From the darkness of the noon time
As He died upon the cross
To the earth that shook and trembled
In response to such a loss.

From the cheering cries of soldiers
As they took His body down
To the caring hands of Joseph
A follower new in town.

From the tomb where He was laid to rest
In linen cloth of white
To the guards who had to stand close by
Throughout both day and night.

From the stone that blocked the entrance
As it gently rolled away
To the miracle that happened
On that Third and final day.

 Easter Bearista
From the baffled look of soldiers
As they peered into the room
To the startled face of Mary
When she found an empty tomb.

From the frightened look of Mary
As she swiftly left that place
To the light that flowed from Jesus
When she saw Him face to face.

From the doubt of His disciples
When she spoke of resurrection
To the fear upon their faces
As He walked in their direction.

From the written word of scripture
That was told in prophecy
To the eleven who had gathered
On a hill in Galilee.

the immaculate Wit bear
From the words that had been spoken
Before He went away
To His ascension into heaven
Where He lives this very day.

From the Bible on the mantel
Tis the words you need to heed
To find wisdom in its pages
And a light to sow a seed.

From the death and resurrection
Of the One we hold so dear
To the coming of His Spirit
Now that Easter time is here.

From the colored eggs and candy
And an orchid trimmed in blue
To the truth found there in scripture
Christ Jesus died for you.

He is risen...He is with you...


I'd do anything to save your soul
To bring you to Jesus is my goal
Give your life to Jesus and give Him control
So that He can cleanse you and make you whole

It's so important to me that you're saved
It's so easy to do the road is already paved
Salvation is free Jesus died for all sin
If you come to Jesus you will surely win

Simply ask Jesus to come into your life
Tell Him you're a sinner and to save you from Hell's strife
Ask Him to make you the person He wants you to be
And from sin and bondage you want to be free

He saved us, He saved you...
Ask Him to guide you down the right path
And to save you from God's wrath
You don't need to be on bended knee
Making Jesus your friend is the key

If your heart is sincere Jesus will set you free
Not only will you be saved but happier you'll be
You're in my heart in a very special place
To me you're so precious you could never be replaced

This Easter greeting
Will be deleted someday
But my desire for your salvation
Will not go away

Happy Easter everyone!!!


  1. thanks a bunch Nata!!! Happy Easter too! bearHUGS!

  2. Beautiful sky and cloud pictures.

    Bearista must be a confused bear...hehehe. Still he's cute as a bunny.

    Have a blessed and Happy Easter!!!