The Collections

 a bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile
                                                              Gill Davies

A few of most loved collections
...if you would notice my bear collections' names were familiar, names of real persons closest to my heart...
...each bear was named after the person who gave it or on a significant event...
...different colors, sizes, shapes, characters, looks...just like the persons who gave them, none of them were alike...
...only one thing in common....they were all 'warm hearted'.....
Forty-7, Macky, Ging ging, Andrea

Zaza, Nikki, Mina, Mel, Jemoks and Buboy

a small gathering before going to bed :)

Just recently I was able to take a picture of my  adorable Teddy bear collection.  It was an exhausting but fun filled day with my teddies.  These are some of them...enjoy...

the Chocolate collection

the Sky collection

the Cloud collection

the Purple collection

the Sun collection

the Night collection

the Flower collection

the Orange collection
Teddy bear summit

 the Big teddies

Linda Katzopoulos
first batch of collection 2008
I'm a very special Collector's bear..
So handle me with extra care!
I need someone who knows to treasure
me more than money can ever measure..
Someone who's learned that life is love
Someone who watches stars above!
A person who stops to smell the flowers..
A person who walks in April showers.
For I have so much love to share
that I'll go with you anywhere!

a few of  the oldest collections
Old Bear
Jutta Cyr
Here I sit, just a bit forlorn.
My body sags and I'm a tad worn
If you listen you can hear my sad sighs
But the merry twinkle is still in my eyes.

I was once a much loved favorite toy,
Belonging to a sweet little boy.
But he left and went away
I haven't seen him for many a day.

I have been alone so very long
Won't you please take me home? Sing me a song!
Play games with me! Take me out to play!
Oh YES! We can be so merry and gay.

Even though I'm not brand new
I have tons of love just for you!
There are so many things that we can share
Because I will be YOUR Teddy Bear!

A Gift For You
Patricia R. Byther
these are some of the presents i got on my 30th Birthday from
my family and closest friends (2008)

Friends and family can not always be near,
that's why I'm sending this teddy bear.
Hold him, love him and hug him tight,
And he will be there day and night.
He can not replace the love you hold dear,
But he's a reminder that their love's always there.
There is one thing more that he likes to do,
That's to remind you, that God loves you too.