Friday, April 8, 2011


bear thoughts shared by my ten year old nephew, Ross Dominic...

One Monday evening after our evening prayers, we just stayed at the attic to play and slumber. The attic has 3 parts. During our evening prayer, we were inside the prayer room at the attic. After we had our prayers, we've gone to the second part, the entertainment room. The last part is the storage.  Since part of attic had been a storage room for stuffed toys, I’ve noticed that most of the stuffed animals displayed in the attic were bears, Teddy bears!...The entire place appeared to be cheerful, relaxed and animated because of our teddy bears…   Pooop…bright idea!!!  I just thought of partaking this story and collection of teddy bears to my uncle's Bearhobs blog… and my brother (Richmond) grew up surrounded with teddy bears since we were little kids till now… we were nurtured to be sweet, adorable and warm hearted big boys…let us take a peek at some of our Teddy bears

-Ross Dominic
teddy bears on their way down stairs

attic teddy bears

"In our childhood, teddy bears are warm companions - good listeners, never critical, always reassuring.  They are bear-shaped security blankets, huggable enough to fold in our arms, a perfect fit for our laps."

                                                                                   Bialosky, Peggy and Alan

the cutest among the cutest

sweet and romantic teddy bears

white teddies

(Used with permission)
Bear Hobs 2011 


  1. thanks!!! very huggable...

  2. How cute and huggable those bears are!!! Hope you could feature my bears too...