Thursday, April 21, 2011


….a new dawn…a new sunrise
                …a new day…a new HOPE...

hoping for a big catch


Ardy looking at the sunrise
When life gets tough,
and the road seems so rough.
We taught that life is so unfair,
because all we get is nothing but despair.

One morning when we arise,
a new day is a great surprise.
To continue life with passion,
believe that our existence is a mission.

Like the dawn every morning,
like the sunrise that is soaring.
Trust in yourself and keep on hoping,
in our lives blessings are pouring

sunrise in Batangas, Philippines
Every sunrise ascends from the horizon brings new hope to all of us…
A day to believe and endure with what life brings us…
being hopeful for the best to come
is my only passport
with this very challenging world…
and as I hope I never cease to pray…


Carmina, a bear of hope
Hope is a dream in the mind of what can come
Hope gives you a future whatever has passed whatever done
Hope is a light that breaks through the darkness that us surround

Hope helps us find our way through to safer loving ground
Hope fights for you when things get so very tough
Hope means keeping going when you have had enough
Hope though dims on times stays through your sorrow
Hope brings you through by dreaming of tomorrow
Hope tries to console you when your eyes glisten with tears
Hope gives you something to keep going whatever your fears

Hope is free beautiful may fade but never dies
Hope is always there even if its light seems dim on times

Vineet Bansal

What hope means

sunrise in Palawan, Philippines
Hope is bright shining light which keeps darkness at the bay
Hope is gentle cold breeze on a hot summer day

Hope is to remain positive when going gets tough
hope is seeking more when others think u had enough

What hope means

a hopeful fisherman
Hope is dreaming of tomorrow
Hope is simmering under sorrow

Hope is sparkles when tears in our eyes
Hope is a beautiful thing & beautiful things never dies

What hope means

sunrise in San Juan Batangas, Philippines
Hope is as light as a feather
Hope keeps all of us together

Hope is ubiquitous and free of cost
hope is the last thing ever lost.....


  1. wonderful words and so lovely photos!!!
    Happy Easter!!

  2. dear astrid,
    Thanks so much! You my readers are my inspiration. Happy Easter!!! God bless...

  3. Wow, those are lovely pictures of sunrise. A sunrise like that will not fail to bring hope to those who need it.

    And beautiful words of encouragement too.

  4. thanks a lot Nata!!! bearHUGS...