Wednesday, April 6, 2011


…I believe that all things that belong to us were really meant for us… I consider each Teddy bear that was given to me as ‘heaven sent’… like the people who entrusted their Teddies to me…
…from tons of Teddy bears in the bear shop only ‘one’ will be chosen… and from there another Teddy bear adventure begins…

…a new life, a new story, a new adventure with ME!!!

…were together by fate… by destiny…

this is Lokey,
a spare bear from my Christmas presents
for my nieces and nephews (Christmas 2008)
but my most loved and treasured bear

this is Jonathan from Bahrain..
a gift from my cousin from Saudi Arabia
Because of you
I believe in destiny.
Otherwise, however in this crazy world,
busy, jumbled-up world
did we ever managed to get together?
There I was, going along
doing my everyday stuff,
meeting people, hanging out,
but with no sparks flying anywhere.
Then you came into the picture
and ka-POW!
Everything changed in a moment.
The stars were aligned,
and fate brought us together.
But the best part?
All the time since that-
the delicious process of discovery…
Of finding new things
about you to love.
Oh, yes.
Destiny knows what it’s doing.

(excerpt from Hallmark greeting card)