Saturday, May 7, 2011


“You were tired out by the length of your road, yet you did not say, ' It is hopeless.' You found renewed strength, therefore you did not faint."
Isaiah 57:10

Dankey off the road


his first road trip
...So how about we escape this place,
get out, get on, get gone
and bid goodbye, so long, to this life we're caught up in.

Lets go, come run away with me,
this sadness we'll defy.
We'll be content from here on out,
no more temporary highs.

So how about we drive away
and block the rear-view mirror.
Gas pedal to the floor board
you'd soon be thinking clearer.

Dankey enjoying the ride
Come with me in the world for once
we'll dodge the tears of pain.
Strange looks may be shot our way
but it's the first time you'll feel sane.
It doesn't matter where we go
as long as we're away from here.
Sit back, relax, let go of the wheel
and for once, just let fate steer.

Run down the middle of the street
and cross that yellow line.
Free to do what we feel is right,
the devil's offer we'll decline.

So take this roadtrip with me,
forget what they all said.
The sign is right in front of you and it reads
"New Life Ahead ----->"

a worthy road trip

…the road is long, the road is wide…got no choice but to take a ride…
…life is not ours, life is short…break the rules and make the most…
…got one life to live thus be sure to enjoy the trip…


  1. can olandoy have one helluva joyride with Dankey next time? He also loves to travel, and he excruciatingly needs a break after sitting all day for years... :)

  2. dankey is really having a great summer vacation. first swimming and now a road trip. what's next for this adorable little bear?

  3. glad you had a nice time on your trip Hobs; isn't travel great?

  4. hello meenataur!
    Dankey would love to have a joyride with Olandoy for sure. Olandoy needs some fresh air, we'll schedule that one of these days. bearHUGS...

    hello solitude rising!
    Dankey took advantage of summer vacation, he'll be very busy next month for sure. What trip awaits this cute bear is for you to find out...I promise to keep you posted. bearHUGS...

    hello Jerry and Ben!
    Dankey enjoyed traveling and exploring new places. Hope he could travel again before classes starts. bearHUGS...