Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Spring is a season of hope, a season of changes, a season of new aspirations, a season of fresh start, and a season of life.

A sea of Tulips in the middle of Spring


A new Spring for Lokey
Spring is here
my garden burst forth
and once again, the birds
are heading North.

Buds start blooming
on the deciduous trees.
The sky opens up
bringing rain down on the leaves.

The meadows turn into
beautiful green carpets.
With flecks of different flowers
you will see in markets.

A Spring is life, a spring is hope...
The snow is gone,
and the days get longer.
People venture outside
as the sun shines stronger.

Yes, spring is a yearly gift to us,
after the long winter season.
So, just enjoy this time
you don't have to have a reason.

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  1. I love spring, the latter half of it because that's when the spring flowers are in bloom. The barren land waking up from its winter slumber is such an awesome sight to behold.