Saturday, May 28, 2011


Meet my new friend Kai Kai...

Kai Kai looks so elegant and classy in her traditional red Chinese kimono.

Kai kai came from the Macau Giant Panda Gift Shop, which is dedicated to selling gifts and souvenirs related to giant pandas. It offers a large collection of giant panda gifts for visiting residents and tourists to choose from, including soft toys, bags, clothes, stationery and household items, etc. With its wide range of themed merchandises, the gift shop is also expected to help project the image of the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion as a place uniquely dedicated to giant pandas.

Dankey meets his new lovely friend Kai Kai.

Kai Kai was so happy to be a part of the BIG family of Bear Hobs...


  1. Welcome to your new friend Hobs; we're sure you gave Kal Kal a beary nice welcome to your family!

  2. that's for sure Jerry and Ben...Dankey was with Kai kai all the time...bearHUGS...

  3. Hi Ely! You've got a very big and beautiful bear family! Kisses and welcome to your new friend Kai Kai :)

  4. thanks so much Raquel....bearHUGS...

  5. Hullo Bears! Nice to meet you!!!!!


  6. hi Bob...
    nice meeting you too!!! hope you enjoyed viewing my page...bearHUGS...

  7. Hello ely,
    Thanks for visiting our page. You have a beary lovely blog and we will stop by more often! Warmest greetings from our crazy flock ^_^

  8. hi Hugo...
    it's my pleasure hugo...I had so much fun visiting your blog...bearHUGS...