Monday, November 7, 2011


Cold breeze, calm weather, endless blooms of flowers, fresh fruits and vegetables, cozy inns, homegrown restaurants and smiling faces...this best describes Dankey's favorite vacation destination, "Philippines' Summer Capital"-Baguio City.

Dankey takes pleasure in cool and fresh air

at the Manor Hotel 

The cold weather and breath taking spots of Baguio City makes it very appealing to local and foreign tourists.

breathtaking view of Cordillera mountain ranges

Baguio City features a subtropical highland climate under the Koppen climate classification. The city is known for its mild climate. It is because of this that Baguio is nicknamed the "Summer Capital of the Philippines".

Camp John Hay Manor Hotel- home of an outstanding 18 hole golf course.

Owing to its high elevation, the temperature in the city is 8 degrees Celsius lower compared to the average temperature of the rest of the country. Average temperature ranges from 15 to 23 degrees Celsius. It is usually lower during the late and early months of the year. The lowest recorded temperature was 6.3 degrees Celsius on January 18, 1961. This is in contrast to the all-time high of 30.4 degrees Celsius recorded on March 15, 1988 during the 1988 El Niño season. Baguio seldom exceeds 26 degrees Celsius even during the warmest part of the year.

crisp clean air and lush surroundings of Baguio

rustic landscapes
Baguio City is located some 1,500 meters above sea level, nestled within the Cordillera Central mountain range in northern Luzon. The city is enclosed by the province of Benguet. It covers a small area of 57.5 square kilometers. Most of the developed part of the city is built on uneven, hilly terrain of the northern section. It is the highest major Philippine city in terms of elevation.

Dankey's favorite spot
Like many other cities with a subtropical highland climate, Baguio sees noticeably less precipitation during its dry season. However, the city has an extraordinary amount of precipitation during the rainy season, with the months of July and August having on average more than 1,000 mm of rain. Baguio averages over 4500 mm of precipitation annually.
 sniffing blooming Hydrangeas
Many foreigners visit the place during February because it is the month in which the famous and luring Panagbenga Festival or Flower Festival is held. For those who want to visit the city during these times, they are advised to book in hotels in Baguio in advance to ensure your cool and relaxing stay in the city.
You'll see more of Dankey's adventures in Baguio soon...

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