Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Such a wonderful day for Dankey to meet HRH Prince William of Wales, now Duke of Cambridge. A warm and heartfelt welcome was given to His royal highness. They had a beary-nice conversation about BearHobs and Dankey even mentioned how fortunate the entire family to have him.

Dankey was so pleased to spend some time with his royal highness. In fact he was so conscious during their conversation, but HRH made him feel so comfortable.

Everyone was so delighted that Prince William will now be joining the Bearhobs family. The kindness he had shown was incredibly moving, and had touched all bears in the family deeply.

Cheers to the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William!!! Long live the Prince!!!


  1. Its good to see that Prince William "the bear" is very much down to earth in joining the Bearhobs family. Is he also the heir to throne of the Bearhobs kingdom?

    It looks like Dankey enjoyed and had fun at the one on one meeting with the prince.

  2. Wow, what an honor to meet the Prince! Dankey is sure one beary lucky bear!

  3. Wow! I wonder what Dankey and Prince William are talking about on the second picture. It looks fun! Did they enjoy a cup of tea together?