Saturday, July 9, 2011


Coloane Island, Macau, China is the premier among the two Macau islands. The most famed among the Macau popular destinations Coloane Island is connected to the Taipa Island by a 2.2km long dual Causeway, built in 1969.

Dankey enjoyed the tranquil environment, the serene sea beaches, A Ma religious shrine and the cultural village, facilities for adventure tourism and many more have created a tourist paradise in Coloane attracting tourists to Macau tour. Coloane Island, Macau, China comprises two of the best beaches in the world. Cheoc Van Beach and Hác-Sá Beach are always crowded by a large number of swimmers and sunbathers.

Coloane Island, Macau, China is an islet full of pine trees, eucalyptus woods and farming land. Far from the hustle of the busy life, Coloane Island offers a relaxing and peaceful background to swim, have picnics, and purely enjoy the riches of nature. It houses many places of tourist interest in Macau. The Tam Chin Temple is known for a whalebone replica of a ship fitted with a wooden dragon's head. The A Ma temple and the churches are crowded by devotees throughout the year.

Dankey also visited the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier , of the São Francisco Xavier Parish. The chapel, built in 1928, is located on the southern coast of the island and stands near a monument commemorating a victory over pirates in 1910.

The chapel used to contain some of the most sacred Christian relics in Asia, including the remains of 26 foreign and Japanese Catholic priests who were crucified in Nagasaki in 1597, as well as those of some of the Japanese Christians who were killed during the Shimabara Rebellion in 1637.

Among them was a bone from the arm of St. Francis Xavier, who died in 1552 on Sanchuan Island, 50 miles (80 km) from Macau, before it was transferred to Saint Joseph's Seminary and the Sacred Art Museum.

Plan your Macau tour and take pleasure in the scenic spots in the isles of Macau, China, Asia.


  1. It looks a very beautiful and full of history place to visit!
    Thanks for your post, it is very-very interesting :=)

  2. What great photos! It looks like you had a beary marvelous time!

  3. hi Raquel,
    you're right Raquel, Macau is a very historical place, every spot has a story to tell...I'll post more historical spots soon...bearHUGS...

    hi Jerry and Ben,
    Thanks!!! I really had a marvelous time in the island of Coloane,the scenic spots were indeed breathtaking. And what i loved most in the island is the cool breeze coming from the was so relaxing. bearHUGS...

  4. Dankey is a very lucky bear to be able to personally visit such a beautiful place.

  5. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures! We definitely would love to visit Macau one day, its a very beautiful place :-)

  6. Hi Hugo
    You're welcome...I'll post more of my pictures in Macau soon...bearHUGS...